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Envirosun AS Split System Solar Hot Water Systems

Plonk on hot water system scope of works

Envirosun Installer does↓

  • Install, connect and secure Envirosun solar collector panels to the roof of the premises, in a confirmed location as per Envirosun specifications
  • Connect and secure the Envirosun solar panel sensor to the hot outlet of solar collector. Leave sensor lead bundled and taped on roof
  • Blow off / Clean roof area
  • Remove all rubbish from site


Required to be completed by others↓

  • Run all copper flow and return lines from the Envirosun solar panels on the roof to the storage tank location
  • All penetrations to roof
  • Run sensor cable (previously connected to solar panels) to the storage tank location with the flow pipe
  • Final fit out of storage tank
    • Connect solar pump to storage tank
    • Connect sensor to pumping module
    • All plumbing and electrical as per Envirosun specifications and regulations

 NOTE/- Your plumbing contractor will have to get on the roof for this installation, under no circumstances is the solar hot water panels to be pressurised during plumbing roughin test

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